Diary of a Victorian Dollshouse

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late Victorian miniature world.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The start of the new bathroom

I began by replacing the floor and ceiling. I'd forgotten that I'd put a false wall in the back of the room in an attempt to cover up the floor and ceiling holes left from this originally being a landing area so that was removed too. Doing that has given me extra inches! Very important!
Next the old wallpaper had to come off...and then I rebuilt the 'mock staircase' shaped piece to give the illusion of stairs behind this room.
This is how it looked at this stage..

Next I filled in all the gaps and gave it all a coat of emulsion....(forgot to take a photo of that)
Wallpapering proved abit of a challenge because of the awkward shape but I managed by making paper templates of all the walls first.