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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bed linens...

I've really got back into my mini work again in this last few weeks and I keep seeing lots of things that need doing in this house still. I know I'm jumping about from room to room too so forgive me for that! 
I will sometimes be looking for something and I'll come across an item that I've not used yet which sends me off on a tangent and so the creativity continues....
Over this weekend I made some bed linen.

Bolster and bottom sheet

Pillowcases edged in lace

Top sheet

I made all these from one of my dear Dad's handkerchiefs of pure cotton....
Next I made the top cover. This is a lovely cotton fabric which has a satin look to it because of the pattern - really pretty. 

I wanted something feminine without going down the 'over frilled and lacy'
route so opted for this colour which picks out the floral tones in the wallpaper.

I think my late Victorian mini people would be appalled at seeing the cat on there - all those germs!