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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A few photos of the study

Since moving house last year,  I'm still getting around to setting things up in each room and today it was the turn of the study......
I've taken some photos showing a glimpse of the 'upstairs landing' which I created. I felt I needed to show that there were other areas at the back of the study (and bedroom) on this floor, in order to make up for the fact that I removed the stairs!
Rather than having another set of stairs and another landing I thought I could make better use of the space.
That space has now been made into the bathroom.

View through an open doorway  to the landing 

I've given the illusion of stairs by fitting newel posts and bannisters

Bookcase full of books....

Another doorway across the landing giving the impression of rooms beyond

A little update to the parlour - some close up photos

A few more close up photos of the parlour

Close up mantle mirror

Fireplace and hearth

I added new tiles to each side of the fire grate

Still a few more items to add but getting there with this room

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Book Making!

Decided to do something different today and set about making some miniature books for the study.
Hard to believe it took nearly all day....

Glenowen cabinet full of books

Just showing behind the chair

Monday, October 01, 2012

The 'Trademan's Entrance'

The basement of Jubilee House has a lovely facade including a 'trademan's entrance' or 'staff door'. I've put a weatherboard on the door (no dollshouse doors seem to have these and don't look very realistic) I'm not sure if the little dog is a true representation of life in a late Victorian home especially near the kitchen but I like him sat there.....

View through a dollhouse window....

I always think a dollshouse looks so realistic when viewed through a window.
I took some photos yesterday....
This is the view taken looking through to the kitchen and scullery.....

The 'fourth wall'

I've done some work on the front inside of the kitchen. This is often a difficult part of a dollshouse to decorate but I'm lucky with this house as it has a small area where I can even stand some furniture...I'm still working on it but here's a photo of progress so far. I couldn't resist the little roller towel...so cute! I need to think what else to put here, I'm thinking of maybe a sink or a little side table...

The pine cupboard is my way of masking off the area where the hinges
fit on as originally this basement was just intended to slide away and was not hinged.

A few recent photos

After moving house (big house) last year it's taken awhile to get things set up again in all my dollshouses and I'm still not finished! I've just about got the kitchen unpacked here in Jubilee House and put back in, so here's a few photos so far.....

Pantry added in the kitchen

I've given the kitchen a little pantry! Originally this space was a rather somewhat useless back hallway...
I originally added it in when I was first making the kitchen. I thought  added more interest to this quite good sized but plain room.
I think this is a much better way of utilising it.
It may prove to be a little bit of a challenge if I need to add
anymore food in there though!

Open pantry door showing shelves and 'tongue
 and groove' walls


I've nearly got the scullery just about done though there are still lots of bits to do...I've noticed there is no water in here so that's one thing that needs adding!

 I made the copper in the corner from card covered in 'bricks'. I've put a light inside so it
glows and fllickers. The doorway is leading
 outside to the 'backyard' of the house...

The mangle is made from a Phoenix kit, the sweeping brush and mop were very cheap buys which I've
'aged' and in the case of the mop glued to look as though it's been squeezed out!

The flagstones were made of card and the sink is another cheap one which
I've painted and 'aged' as it looked too new!

Doorway through to the kitchen

I made the duckboard and scrubbing board from scraps of wood