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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Furnishing the attic room

Having got the bed sorted I set about making this room into a comfy maid's bedroom.
Just the curtains to finish....


Just need some soap and a towel!

Dressing table

Simple dressing table set, photo and trinket tray

A sewing machine with accessories, box and chair

Open door showing landing area

Attic Room

This room has a sloping ceiling and is quite a challenge to furnish and display because of the way the house front is designed. With hindsight (which is always wonderful) I maybe should have put it together differently so that the room could be viewed more easily but I'm stuck with how it is.
The roof  lifts as normal but the front wall (the fourth wall) of the room stays in situ making access difficult - in the new Sid Cook Jubilee House they have made the front lift with the roof., much better!
Here are some photos to show what I mean:

View from the front showing the fourth wall right up against the camera

Sloping ceiling with chimmney breast added in the corner and a fireplace made from a Phoenix kit 

And so to bed.....

Well for the maid that is....now that I've managed to get some covers on her bed and a pillow on which to lay her head!
I thought that now  I've got started again with some 'mini-ing' I would take a fresh look at the attic bedroom which has needed finishing off for ages!
Well everything about this house really needs finishing off but each day unto it's own as they say and today I've chosen the maid's bedroom.....
It's been an all day job! Firstly the bed. I made this up from a Phoenix kit, made the mattress and pillow then didn't get any further until today that is:

Bed with mattress

Now made up with bedding

Stone hot water bottle for the cold nights!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Parlour bay window area 'dressed'...

Now that we have curtains I have put some furniture in place....
This house has a lovely 'bay window area' that is able to accommodate one or two pieces of furniture.
A real bonus! How much more interesting it is to have a 'fourth wall' with something on it!
I'm pleased now that this area is done. It's just the finishing touch for the parlour I think.
Now I need to investigate why my lights have suddenly stopped working., then I can take some evening photos to show you...

Now dressed with furniture

Embroidered footstool, balloon back chair and small table

Close up showing accessories


Well at long last we have curtains in the parlour - they've been a long time coming!
I thought I would enjoy making the window dressings but no - what a fiddle and faf they are....the following photos show the second attempt, the first lot ended up in the bin!
Quite awhile since I last posted here too - a nice warm summer can be blamed for that, however I have managed to embroider some needlepoint carpets., that's about all I could do in the heat!