Diary of a Victorian Dollshouse

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late Victorian miniature world.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Study Curtains...

Before the finger burning escapade I got the left hand side fourth wall of Jubilee decorated.
All dollshouse work has to be done in sequence, which meant I could now get on with the curtains for the study...

The front of the dollshouse has been waiting to be fixed back on for ages but I couldn't do that until the curtains were done...well I could but anyone who has screwed a dollshouse front on will know what a palaver it is!
Along with fixing spindles, newels and bannister rails to staircases this must be one of the most difficult jobs to do so I wasn't going to mess about doing it more often than I needed to!

Anyway here are a few photos of the curtains which led to the burnt finger!Who would have thought 'dollshousing' could be dangerous!

Curtains maybe not as straight as they could be but I reckon there's a draught blowing in through that window.....

Did you notice I've added a window sill?  Dollshouse manufacturers don't seem to include them but I think it looks lovely with something displayed there when the house front is closed....
You can see in this photo where I've added a mirror and skirting board to the 'fourth wall'. Some people even stick furniture on to this wall too - don't think I will risk that not with my gluing skills, they'd probably drop off!

I took all these photos in our conservatory and our garden is showing through the window! It was quite unintentional - looks good!

The curtains and pelmet are made of silk....no less! Rather difficult to stop fraying but I'm pleased with the result..not sure if I'll work with silk again, I much prefer fine cotton.

Also a roller blind made with an upholstery sample from M&S - this needs a pull cord, I see I've forgotten that!

While working in the study....

A little more progress in the study - curtains! I've really been on a roll with my curtain making lately so I  thought I'd crack on while I'd got the knack of it....
I've been slowed down now though - with a badly blistered index finger thanks to my miniature Clover Iron.

If anyone owns one of these please be careful! They're a nifty little tool and so very useful when making any tiny soft furnishings and clothes but because of the design of them it's so easy to get your finger in the wrong place and end up being burnt!

I do remember reading the warning about this on the packaging when I first bought it, however whilst in the middle of my creative burst I totally forgot! (as you do!) I still wouldn't be without it though....I thoroughly recommend...

My lovely Clover iron...ingenious little gadget and so clever getting into tiny folds, turning hems etc - also good at burning fingers! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

This weeks 'Mini Makes'

A few little makes which took care of an afternoon!

Nightstand for the lady's bedroom with photos, candlestick, book and small perfume tray

Also for the lady's bedroom, a washstand which I've dressed with a small flower vase, trinket box, candlestick and photo

Close up of nightstand

Here you can see a few towels and other washing accessories

Close up of washstand

Parlour desk open showing green 'baize' writing area

More things inside

Close up of open desk

This is a lovely little piece of furniture made by Glenowen

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cook's Rocking Chair

What's better than sitting by the fire on a wet, October day....? Now that cook has a rocking chair she can take a break and do just that!
Here's today's creation.....
This chair was originally a poorly made mahogony one. I thought it would look good in the kitchen, painted up and given the 'used look' - the paint is keeping it together better too!

Cook's shawl, knitting and comfy cushion
Oh dear!
Just right by the range
The knitting is made from a piece of one of my socks!
Let's hope cook rescues her knitting soon.......
Overall view 
Just a few more bits to add in here then I've just about finished the kitchen

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Curtain Making again...

Our maid now has curtains! I knew I'd get there in the end but I do need to concentrate when I'm making curtains!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Lighting restored.....

Now that the darker nights have started to draw in, it was a reminder to me to get on and look at why the lights in Jubilee had stopped working. Unfortunately the wiring had become damaged following our house move two years ago and it's been a job which needed a little patience....well quite alot really!
 Apart from one or two fittings which need new bulbs, Jubilee House is now fully illuminated again! 
It's such a pleasure to see it brightening up the corner of my room again.....

Here are a few photos

Exterior Views

The bay windows show the bedroom above with the parlour below

The study is on the upper left with the bathroom in the middle

The dining room is to the left of the front door

Basement scullery with the lit copper in the back left hand corner 

Then through into the kitchen 

The range has a flicker effect which looks amazingly real!
I must try and take a video of this...


The other side of the kitchen showing the pantry 

Hallway with coloured glass chandelier

The dining room is very well lit!

The parlour 

Study with desk light 
and a glimpse through the doorway to the rear landing

Lady's bedroom fire
(centre light needs a bulb!)

Bedside candle light

Attic landing with nursery door ajar

A lovely view from the maids bedroom, 
across the landing and through to the Nursery beyond... 

Maids bedroom with small candle light and fire
I just need to get the curtains made for this room. 

I love this shot through the open door
it looks so cosy and inviting.....