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Friday, October 25, 2013

While working in the study....

A little more progress in the study - curtains! I've really been on a roll with my curtain making lately so I  thought I'd crack on while I'd got the knack of it....
I've been slowed down now though - with a badly blistered index finger thanks to my miniature Clover Iron.

If anyone owns one of these please be careful! They're a nifty little tool and so very useful when making any tiny soft furnishings and clothes but because of the design of them it's so easy to get your finger in the wrong place and end up being burnt!

I do remember reading the warning about this on the packaging when I first bought it, however whilst in the middle of my creative burst I totally forgot! (as you do!) I still wouldn't be without it though....I thoroughly recommend...

My lovely Clover iron...ingenious little gadget and so clever getting into tiny folds, turning hems etc - also good at burning fingers!