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Friday, October 25, 2013

Study Curtains...

Before the finger burning escapade I got the left hand side fourth wall of Jubilee decorated.
All dollshouse work has to be done in sequence, which meant I could now get on with the curtains for the study...

The front of the dollshouse has been waiting to be fixed back on for ages but I couldn't do that until the curtains were done...well I could but anyone who has screwed a dollshouse front on will know what a palaver it is!
Along with fixing spindles, newels and bannister rails to staircases this must be one of the most difficult jobs to do so I wasn't going to mess about doing it more often than I needed to!

Anyway here are a few photos of the curtains which led to the burnt finger!Who would have thought 'dollshousing' could be dangerous!

Curtains maybe not as straight as they could be but I reckon there's a draught blowing in through that window.....

Did you notice I've added a window sill?  Dollshouse manufacturers don't seem to include them but I think it looks lovely with something displayed there when the house front is closed....
You can see in this photo where I've added a mirror and skirting board to the 'fourth wall'. Some people even stick furniture on to this wall too - don't think I will risk that not with my gluing skills, they'd probably drop off!

I took all these photos in our conservatory and our garden is showing through the window! It was quite unintentional - looks good!

The curtains and pelmet are made of silk....no less! Rather difficult to stop fraying but I'm pleased with the result..not sure if I'll work with silk again, I much prefer fine cotton.

Also a roller blind made with an upholstery sample from M&S - this needs a pull cord, I see I've forgotten that!