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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Kitchen and basement update

Before the summer I added a couple of things in the kitchen and scullery but didn't get around to putting the photos on here.
This little housekeeper's desk and chair are barewood ones stained and waxed.

A few accessories added.

The little shelf unit above the desk with keyrack. I need to add a few more little bits to this. I'm hoping to find some things which might be suitable at Pudsey Fair next week.

In the scullery the meat safe now has some provisions!

A few little additions in the bedroom.

It has been awhile since I've been here and updated having spent much of my spare time over the summer months busy in the garden. Now Autumn is very much upon us and the days are shorter and colder, it's not quite as pleasant being out there so the minis and blogs are getting some attention.
Here are a few little things I've been up to.

In the bedroom the lady's dressing table has had a few accessories added.
The photo is my Mum when she was three years old.
Whoops I should have dusted before I took this photo....!

This next photos shows the fireplace with a beautiful clock from Halls Clocks and two tiny painted figurines,

It took ages to get the clock central and then I don't know if it still is at that in this photo! Difficult when you're fiddling about adding things when the fireplace is already glued in position.

A little more centrally placed on this shot I think!