Diary of a Victorian Dollshouse

Share in my journey as I create a
late Victorian miniature world.

Monday, October 01, 2012


I've nearly got the scullery just about done though there are still lots of bits to do...I've noticed there is no water in here so that's one thing that needs adding!

 I made the copper in the corner from card covered in 'bricks'. I've put a light inside so it
glows and fllickers. The doorway is leading
 outside to the 'backyard' of the house...

The mangle is made from a Phoenix kit, the sweeping brush and mop were very cheap buys which I've
'aged' and in the case of the mop glued to look as though it's been squeezed out!

The flagstones were made of card and the sink is another cheap one which
I've painted and 'aged' as it looked too new!

Doorway through to the kitchen

I made the duckboard and scrubbing board from scraps of wood