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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little update and little more decorating done!

It has been awhile since I updated this blog  as 'real life' has been happening.....
I've recently moved home and downsized dramatically so I have had to carefully consider which of my collection of dollshouses I was going to keep! Jubilee is definitely one of them and so here I am.
I thought I would show you a few photos before I begin doing  some updating work on this house. 
Jubilee House was my first dollshouse and although it's pretty, after doing  more careful research into the Victorian era I feel I need to change some of what I have done maybe rather hastily in the beginning..... 

This is how I originally decorated the parlour. As you can see it's light and airy and pretty but not very Victorian!

This is how the hallway and stairs are looking. I'm ok with the way this is apart from adding a few more accessories, so I won't be doing any change in here.

 I embroidered the stair carpet and added brass stair rods

The hallway lit at night

The kitchen needs a few 'tweaks' - I'm thinking of making the back hallway into a pantry and there are lots more accessories to add in here.


I decided to relocate the maid's bedroom from in the basement to the top floor of the house, across the landing from the nursery. I've given the room a basic coat of emulsion. The next thing is to fit a chimmney breast and do the wallpapering.

I've gathered together a few pieces of furniture and chosen the wallpaper I'm going to use.

The bed has been made up from a Phoenix white metal kit.

I think the bed looks nice against the wallpaper

 Wallpapering finished and chimmney breast with Phoenix fireplace

  The bed now has a mattress

The study is still a work in progress as there are quite a few items I would like to include in this room. I've made a wall at the back and also made a rear landing which you can just see through the open door


I've played around with different pieces of furniture and changed the layout of it a little

The bathroom is the other room which needs looking at again at some point but for now it's ok so I'm leaving it as I have more than enough to do just now. This room was originally in the attic but I made an extra room here from the first floor landing between the two bedrooms.
Watch out for more about this room at a later date in my blog......